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ESC V (a literary zine)

ESC V (a literary zine)


ESC V is a literary zine that was funded by a Kickstarter campaign we launched back in late 2014. This beautiful hand-bound, limited edition zine is stamped with gold ink on the green card stock cover. It features a broad selection of contemporary, international writers selected by us for your pleasure.

Sarah Kilfeather
Emily Robards
Daniel Fishwick
Elizabeth Rose Murray
Niall Kitson
Kate Hampton
Darragh Gaffney
Sinéad O'Hart
Stephanie Conn
Daniel Ayiotis
Seigfried Baber
Hugo Boylan
Rachel Mulholland
Aodán McArdle
Helen McClory
Sophie Barnett

FORMAT: A5, 32 page high quality inner bound with green card stock, hand-bound

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