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Postal ESC - Volume 2

Postal ESC - Volume 2


Postal ESC Volume 2 was the second installment of our collaborative mail art zine. We sent out a number of postcards to selected artists and writer. Each postcard returned to us via the mail and retains the marks and indentations it received along its route to us. Some postcards have been mailed twice as they were collaborative efforts.

Fióna Bolger
Kit Fryatt
John Kearns
Derbhla Leddy
Aodán McArdle
Kerrie O’Brien
Peadar O’Donoghue
Eoin O’Dowd
Eileen O’Neill
Barry Quinn

Editors' artwork:
Áine Belton
Jessica Maybury
Steven Maybury

FORMAT: A6, 27 full colour postcards on high quality card stock

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