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Writing Zine Grab Bag

Writing Zine Grab Bag


This grab bag = a little collection of writing zines

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Get yer writing zines! This little grab bag includes....

* - Assorted mini zines! (as are shown in the photo)

CONNECTION EDIT is a zine series our editor Jessica started to include her writing/works in progress.

The covers of the CONNECTION EDIT zines are collages made from Irish and Belgian magazines, and the title is made with a label maker from the 1970s. 

The inside pages are all typed with her Remington Quiet-Riter Portable Typewriter (discovered at a flea market for €5).

Dimensions & Printing of CONNECTION EDIT zines:
148 x 210 mm (A5) 5.8 x 8.3 in
6 printed pages

Dimensions & Printing of the mini writing zines:
6 pages

All zines are drawn, scanned and printed in her home studio, then folded, bound and trimmed by hand.